Welcome to the Planning Permit Activity Reporting System (PPARS) data request form. Simply complete the form to request data from the system.

  • Data is only available for internal use within DELWP and must not be published in any form or made available to external parties.
  • Data must only be used in a de-identified form so that individual applications, applicants and addresses cannot be identified.
  • Unless otherwise arranged, a minimum of ten days is required to extract and prepare a data request. Please take this into consideration when making detailed requests.
  • All data remains the property of the Responsible Authority that provided it and therefore it may be necessary for the PPARS team to obtain permission from relevant Responsible Authorities before data is supplied. This may also mean certain types of detailed data may be unavailable for some data requests.
  • Permission must be sought from the Manager Systems and Support, Joanne Leonard prior to the production of any publication relating to or derived from the data provided.

Recent upgrades were made to the system, which introduced new fields and streamlined some existing ones. The new data set is detailed in the documents below.

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Page last updated: 01/06/20