Proponent: RES Australia Pty Ltd

The Penshurst Wind Farm was a proposal of RES Australia Pty Ltd, on land located south of the township of Penshurst in south west Victoria.  In October 2017 RES formally advised the government that is no longer proceeding with this project or the EES.

Project history

On 8 March 2011, the Minister for Planning decided that an EES under the Environment Effects Act 1978 was required for the former Penshurst Wind Farm proposal.

Read the Reasons for decision (PDF, 12.2 KB)

The then Minister for Planning issued final Scoping Requirements for the EES on 11 April 2012. 

On 13 August 2013, RES Australia varied the project to include a quarry on the wind farm site.  The Minister issued revised Scoping Requirements for the EES on 16 September 2013.

In October 2017 RES advised the department of its decision to abandon this project and discontinue any further work on its development or the EES.

More information

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