20 December 2012: the project was declared by the Governor in Council for the purpose of applying the assessment, approvals and delivery powers under the Major Transport Projects Facilitation Act 2009 (the Act).

Terry Mulder, Minister for Roads, appointed the Linking Melbourne Authority (LMA) as Project Proponent.

14 May 2013: the Minister determined that a Comprehensive Impact Study (CIS) assessment process should apply to the project.

27 May 2013: the Minister published Scoping Directions for the CIS, which set out the range of matters that are to be addressed in the CIS.

The Minister determined that the CIS be exhibited for a period of 30 business days.

15 October 2013: the department's Deputy Secretary - Planning, Building and Heritage, determined, under delegation, that the CIS was adequate to be released for exhibition.

Note: for more information about the Assessment Committee see East West Link (Eastern Section) Project Assessment Committee.

  • Establishment of Assessment Committee: The Minister for Planning appointed an Assessment Committee to:
    • assess the content of the Comprehensive Impact Statement (CIS)
    • review and hear public submissions
    • advise the minister whether to grant the project approvals.
  • Terms of Reference: the Minister issued Terms of Reference (DOC, 64.0 KB) under which the Assessment Committee will assess the CIS and submissions in response.
  • CIS public exhibition: LMA released the CIS for public exhibition for a period of 30 business days, from 31 October to 12 December 2013
  • Hearings:
    • January 2014: Assessment Committee held a Preliminary Hearing
    • March – 16 April 2016: Public Hearing
  • Recommendations: the Assessment Committee provided a recommendation report to the Minister for Planning.