Proponent: Gippsland Iron Pty Ltd

Gippsland Iron Pty Ltd (a subsidiary of Eastern Iron Limited ) proposed the development an iron ore mine in the Tara State Forest in east Gippsland, approximately 7 kilometres north of Nowa Nowa. 

The mine would operate for about ten years and would use a dry, low intensity magnetic separation process to produce about ten million tonnes of processed iron ore. The iron ore would be trucked to an export port near Eden in southern New South Wales. The project would require the removal of approximately 146 hectares of native vegetation, some of which would be rehabilitated after the closure of the mine, although the pit void would remain and would be allowed to flood to form a new permanent lake.


EES on hold

Gippsland Iron Pty Ltd formally requested that the Minister for Planning place the current assessment process for the Nowa Nowa Iron Project under the Environment Effects Act 1978 on hold.

Work on the Environment Effects Statement (EES) has been suspended until the proponent identifies a feasible port solution for the export of iron ore from the project.

Scoping requirements

The Scoping Requirements set out the matters to be investigated and documented in the EES.

  • April – 2 May 2014: draft Scoping Requirements for this EES were placed on public exhibition
  • June 2014: the Minister for Planning issued final Scoping Requirements for the EES after considering public submissions on the Draft Scoping Requirements:

Consultation Plan

Gippsland Iron prepared a consultation plan outlining the opportunities for community engagement during the preparation of the EES:

EES Required

On 19 December 2013 the Minister for Planning requested an Environmental Effects Statement (EES) under the Environment Effects Act 1978 for the proposed Nowa Nowa Iron Project:

More information

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