Proponent: North East Link Authority

The North East Link Project key elements, which are subject to ongoing design development, are described below.

  • Western Ring Road to Lower Plenty Road: From the M80 and Greensborough Bypass to the northern tunnel portal, this section would include a mixture of above, below and at surface road sections, with new road interchanges at M80, Grimshaw Street and Lower Plenty Road.
  • Tunnels: From the northern tunnel portal located just north of Lower Plenty Road to south of Manningham Road, twin tunnels would travel under residential areas, Banyule Flats and the Yarra River. Near each tunnel portal supporting tunnel infrastructure would be required, including ventilation structures, substations and associated infrastructure. This section would include a new interchange at Manningham Road.
  • Bridge Street to Eastern Freeway: This section would include open cut and bored or mined tunnel with the southern tunnel portal located south of the Veneto Club. Further south, surface road and viaduct structures would connect to the Eastern Freeway via a new interchange.
  • Eastern Freeway upgrades: From around Hoddle Street in the west through to Springvale Road in the east, modifications to the Eastern Freeway would include widening to accommodate future traffic volumes, provision of new dedicated bus lanes for rapid bus services and associated works.


EES required

The North East Link Authority announced the selected route for the North East Link Project in December 2017.

On 12 January 2018, North East Link Authority provided the Minister for Planning with a project outline, and requested that the Minister declare the project described in the Project Outline to be 'public works' for the purposes of section 3(1) of the Environment Effects Act.

On 2 February 2018, the Minister for Planning declared the works proposed for the North East Link Project as ‘public works’ requiring an Environmental Effects Statement, including community consultation and an independent panel review to inform the Minister's Assessment and decision-making.

In accordance with normal EES practice, a statement of the Minister's Reasons for Order has been prepared.

North East Link Authority has also referred the project to the Australian government under the Commonwealth Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999 (EPBC Act). If the Australian government decides that the project is a ‘controlled action’ under the EPBC Act, the assessment process for addressing matters of national environmental significance identified in the Commonwealth decision will need to be determined.

Scoping requirements

Following the Australian government’s decision under the EPBC Act, DELWP on behalf of the Minister for Planning will publish draft Scoping Requirements for the EES. The draft Scoping Requirements will set out the matters to be investigated and documented in the EES. Public comments on the draft Scoping Requirements will be invited. After considering submissions on the draft Scoping Requirements, the Minister for Planning will issue final Scoping Requirements for the EES.

Consultation Plan

North East Link Authority is preparing a communication and consultation plan for the EES, outlining the opportunities and approaches for its community engagement during the preparation of the EES. The plan will be refined following advice from DELWP and the Technical Reference Group and, when completed, will be made available. The consultation process may be adapted or modified to meet changing community needs and requirements.

Public Works

'Public works' are defined as being works undertaken, or proposed to be undertaken, by or on behalf of the Crown or for public statutory bodies, but does not include works undertaken by or on behalf of municipal councils.

More information

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