Proponent: Hillview Quarries Pty Ltd

Hillview Quarries proposes to extend a granite quarry adjacent to the Arthurs Seat State Park in the Mornington Peninsula that ceased operation in 1998.

The pit would be expanded to an area of approximately 38 ha and a depth of about 190 m to support a quarry operation for approximately 70 years.

The project would also include a crushing plant, product handling and stockpiles, internal roads and ancillary facilities. Access is proposed to be via Boundary Road.


Consultation Plan

Hillview Quarries will prepare a communication and consultation plan for the EES, outlining the opportunities and approaches for its community engagement during the preparation of the EES. The plan will be refined following advice from DELWP and the Technical Reference Group and, when completed, will be published on this web page. The consultation process may be adapted or modified to meet changing community needs and requirements.

Scoping Requirements

DELWP, on behalf of the Minister for Planning, will publish draft Scoping Requirements for the EES following the Australian government’s decision under the EPBC Act. The draft Scoping Requirements will set out the matters to be investigated and documented in the EES. Public comments on the draft Scoping Requirements will be invited. After considering submissions on the draft Scoping Requirements, the Minister for Planning will issue final Scoping Requirements for the EES.

Minister's Decision

On 28 May 2018 the Minister for Planning determined that an Environment Effects Statement (EES) is required for the project due to the potential for significant effects:

Hillview Quarries has also referred the project to the Australian government under the Commonwealth Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999 (EPBC Act) to elicit a decision as to whether the project is a controlled action requiring assessment and approval under this act.

More Information

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