Comprehensive and up to date information helps to make better planning decisions which ultimately can make communities more resilient to bushfires.

Ongoing implementation of updated bushfire mapping in extreme hazard areas is a key part of the Victorian State Government's commitment to deliver the recommendations of the 2009 Victorian Bushfires Royal Commission.

Note: This website is provided as a resource for local government.  The website includes technical documents, maps and other material primarily for the use of planners and fire experts.  Some of this information is a draft version and subject to change.  The material is not intended for use by the general public.

Latest News

  • Maps and schedules likely to be introduced in August 2017
  • Informing the community
  • Communication tools available
  • Statutory Implementation Workshops concluding
  • Ongoing BMO map review process

The State Planning Policy Framework – Bushfire will be updated by a VC amendment to include reference to the Bushfire Prone Area map. This change further integrates the planning and building systems response to bushfire hazard.

Updated Bushfire Management Overlay maps will be introduced by a GC amendment to ensure that all areas of extreme bushfire hazard in Victoria are included in the Bushfire Management Overlay. The mapping update applies criteria developed in accordance with the recommendations of the 2009 Victorian Bushfires Royal Commission.

Schedules to streamline the application process by specifying requirements for particular locations are also being developed and progressively introduced.

Subject to Ministerial approval, updating mapping is likely to be introduced into local planning schemes in August 2017. This timing will allow DELWP to work with each council to prepare an effective implementation strategy that caters to the needs of each community.

Targeted local government consultation has now been completed. Final proposed maps can be viewed in the table below.

Some BMO areas are shown on the maps with an associated number (i.e. BMO1). These numbers refer to schedules where streamlined application processes are available to landowners.

Planning Scheme Proposed Planning Scheme Maps Mapping Status
Alpine Proposed Alpine BMO maps (PDF, 10.5 MB) Final includes schedule(s)
Alpine Resorts Proposed Alpine Resorts BMO maps (PDF, 16.6 MB) Final (no new schedule - existing schedule to remain)     
Ararat Proposed Ararat BMO maps (PDF, 6.1 MB) Final includes schedule(s)
Ballarat Proposed Ballarat BMO maps (PDF, 13.2 MB) Final includes schedule(s)
Banyule Proposed Banyule BMO maps (PDF, 1.2 MB) Final (no schedules)
Bass Coast Proposed Bass Coast BMO maps (PDF, 10.8 MB) Final includes schedule(s)
Baw Baw Proposed Baw Baw BMO maps (PDF, 17.7 MB)Final includes schedule(s)
Benalla Proposed Benalla BMO maps (PDF, 8.1 MB) Final includes schedule(s)
Buloke Proposed Buloke BMO maps (PDF, 4.3 MB) Final (no schedules)
Campaspe Proposed Campaspe BMO maps (PDF, 8.2 MB) Final includes schedule(s)
Cardinia Proposed Cardinia BMO maps (PDF, 7.2 MB) Final includes schedule(s)
Casey Proposed Casey BMO maps (PDF, 7.1 MB) Final includes schedule(s)
Central Goldfields Proposed Central Goldfields BMO maps (PDF, 8.3 MB) Final includes schedule(s)
Colac Otway Proposed Colac Otway BMO maps (PDF, 5.9 MB) Final includes schedule(s)
Corangamite Proposed Corangamite BMO maps (PDF, 6.0 MB) Final includes schedule(s)
East Gippsland Proposed East Gippsland BMO maps (PDF, 14.5 MB) Final includes schedule(s)
Frankston Proposed Frankston BMO maps (PDF, 5.6 MB) Final includes schedule(s)
French Island Proposed French Island BMO maps (PDF, 2.7 MB) Final (no schedules)
Gannawarra Proposed Gannawarra BMO maps (PDF, 5.5 MB) Final (no schedules)
Glenelg Proposed Glenelg BMO maps (PDF, 12.9 MB) Final includes schedule(s)
Golden Plains Proposed Golden Plains BMO maps (PDF, 4.8 MB) Final (no schedules)
Greater Bendigo Proposed Greater Bendigo BMO maps (PDF, 16.7 MB) Final includes schedule(s)
Greater Geelong Proposed Greater Geelong BMO maps (PDF, 7.3 MB) Final includes schedule(s)
Greater Shepparton Proposed Greater Shepparton BMO maps (PDF, 9.8 MB) Final includes schedule(s)
Hepburn Proposed Hepburn BMO maps (PDF, 12.8 MB) Final includes schedule(s)
Hindmarsh Proposed Hindmarsh BMO maps (PDF, 7.1 MB) Final (no schedules)
Horsham Proposed Horsham BMO maps (PDF, 5.5 MB) Final (no schedules)
Hume Proposed Hume BMO maps (PDF, 5.0 MB) Final (no schedules)
Indigo Proposed Indigo BMO maps (PDF, 8.8 MB) Final includes schedule(s)     
Knox Proposed Knox BMO maps (PDF, 3.7 MB) Final includes schedule(s)
Latrobe Proposed Latrobe BMO maps (PDF, 11.5 MB) Final includes schedule(s)
Loddon Proposed Loddon BMO maps (PDF, 9.6 MB) Final (no schedules)
Macedon Ranges Proposed Macedon Ranges BMO maps (PDF, 7.7 MB) Final includes schedule(s)
Manningham Proposed Manningham BMO maps (PDF, 5.6 MB) Final includes schedule(s)
Mansfield Proposed Mansfield BMO maps (PDF, 5.5 MB) Final includes schedule(s)      
Maroondah Proposed Maroondah BMO maps (PDF, 3.6 MB) Final (no schedules)
Melton Proposed Melton BMO maps (PDF, 1.6 MB) Final includes schedule(s)
Mildura Proposed Mildura BMO maps (PDF, 11.8 MB) Final (no schedules)
Mitchell Proposed Mitchell BMO maps (PDF, 9.9 MB) Final includes schedule(s)
Moira Proposed Moira BMO maps (PDF, 11.4 MB) Final includes schedule(s)
Moorabool Proposed Moorabool BMO maps (PDF, 12.2 MB) Final (no new schedules - existing schedule to remain)
Mornington Peninsula Proposed Mornington Peninsula BMO maps (PDF, 9.6 MB) Final includes schedule(s)
Mount Alexander Proposed Mount Alexander BMO maps (PDF, 12.7 MB) Final includes schedule(s)
Moyne Proposed Moyne BMO maps (PDF, 7.1 MB) Final (no schedules)
Murrindindi Proposed Murrindindi BMO maps (PDF, 13.4 MB) Final includes schedule(s)
Nillumbik Proposed Nillumbik BMO maps (PDF, 5.0 MB) Final includes schedule(s)
Northern Grampians Proposed Northern Grampians BMO maps (PDF, 10.3 MB)Final includes schedule(s)
Pyrenees Proposed Pyrenees BMO maps (PDF, 7.9 MB)Final includes schedule(s)       
Queenscliffe Proposed Queenscliffe BMO maps (PDF, 2.7 MB)Final includes schedule(s)       
South Gippsland Proposed South Gippsland BMO maps (PDF, 15.0 MB)Final includes schedule(s)      
Southern Grampians Proposed Southern Grampians BMO maps (PDF, 9.3 MB)Final includes schedule(s)      
Strathbogie Proposed Strathbogie BMO maps (PDF, 7.5 MB) Final includes schedule(s)       
Surf Coast Proposed Surf Coast BMO maps (PDF, 8.1 MB)Final includes schedule(s)     
Swan Hill Proposed Swan Hill BMO maps (PDF, 8.4 MB) Final (no schedules)
Towong Proposed Towong BMO maps (PDF, 16.6 MB)Final includes schedule(s)
Wangaratta Proposed Wangaratta BMO maps (PDF, 11.1 MB)Final includes schedule(s)             
Warrnambool Proposed Warrnambool BMO maps (PDF, 3.1 MB)Final includes schedule(s)       
Wellington Proposed Wellington BMO maps (PDF, 21.9 MB)Final includes schedule(s)       
West Wimmera Proposed West Wimmera BMO maps (PDF, 7.7 MB) Final (no schedules)
Whitehorse Proposed Whitehorse BMO maps (PDF, 1.4 MB) Final includes schedule(s)       
Whittlesea Proposed Whittlesea BMO maps (PDF, 5.3 MB)Final includes schedule(s)             
Wodonga Proposed Wodonga BMO maps (PDF, 6.6 MB) Final includes schedule(s)             
Yarra Ranges Proposed Yarra Ranges BMO maps (PDF, 19.0 MB)Final includes schedule(s)             
Yarriambiack Proposed Yarriambiack BMO maps (PDF, 6.1 MB) Final (no schedules)

GIS data files

A package of updated data files with the GIS information for the updated Bushfire Management Overlay is available for your council if required. Please email to advise the format you require.

The Planning for Bushfire Update project includes the introduction of schedules into planning schemes.

Why use schedules

Schedules to the Bushfire Management Overlay can specify bushfire safety measures that are tailored to suit the local bushfire risk. These measures can include:

  • Predetermined Bushfire Attack Levels (BAL)
  • Defendable Space
  • Water Supply  
  • Access requirements

Schedules streamline the process for applicants, council and the CFA by:

  • removing the need to carry out individual bushfire site assessments
  • detailing simpler application information requirements
  • specifying the required bushfire protection measures upfront
  • indicating when referral to the CFA is not required.

DELWP and CFA are working to introduce as many schedules as possible at the same time as the maps.

Simplified content

The content of the schedules has been simplified and expressed in plain language making it clear where the schedules apply, the required bushfire safety measures and when referral to the CFA is not required.

Details of the bushfire protection measures referred to in the schedules have been provided in the information sheets below.

Additional schedules

Additional schedules can be developed by council or the CFA at any time. Council led schedules will be informed by CFA advice. Work will be programmed with regard to resources and priorities.

Schedules to be included with mapping update (last updated May 2017)

SchemeProposed Schedule(s) Status
AlpineAlpine BMO1 schedule (DOCX, 23.3 KB)
Alpine BMO2 schedule (DOCX, 23.3 KB)
Alpine Resorts-None proposed
AraratArarat BMO1 schedule (DOCX, 23.3 KB)Finalised
BallaratBallarat BMO1 schedule (DOCX, 24.7 KB)
Ballarat BMO2 schedule (DOCX, 23.2 KB)
Subject to council verification
Banyule-None proposed
Bass CoastBass Coast BMO1 schedule (DOCX, 23.4 KB)
Bass Coast BMO2 schedule (DOCX, 23.3 KB)
Baw BawBaw Baw BMO2 schedule (DOCX, 23.3 KB)Finalised
BenallaBenalla BMO1 schedule (DOCX, 23.3 KB)Finalised
Buloke-None proposed
CampaspeCampaspe BMO1 schedule (DOCX, 23.3 KB)Subject to council verification
CardiniaCardinia BMO1 schedule (DOCX, 23.3 KB)
Cardinia BMO2 schedule (DOCX, 23.3 KB)
CaseyCasey BMO3 schedule (DOCX, 24.7 KB)Finalised
Central Goldfields

Central Goldfields BMO1 schedule (DOCX, 23.5 KB)
Central Goldfields BMO2 schedule (DOCX, 23.4 KB)
Central Goldfields BMO3 schedule (DOCX, 23.4 KB)

Subject to council verification
Proposed BMO1 replaces current BMO1 in the planning scheme
Colac Otway

Colac Otway BMO1 schedule (DOCX, 23.3 KB)
Colac Otway BMO2 schedule (DOCX, 23.3 KB)

CorangamiteCorangamite BMO1 schedule (DOCX, 23.4 KB)Finalised
East Gippsland

East Gippsland BMO1 schedule (DOCX, 23.4 KB)
East Gippsland BMO2 schedule (DOCX, 24.7 KB)


Frankston BMO1 schedule (DOCX, 23.5 KB)
Frankston BMO2 schedule (DOCX, 23.5 KB)


French Island-None proposed
Gannawarra-None proposed
GlenelgGlenelg BMO1 schedule (DOCX, 23.4 KB)Finalised
Golden Plains-None proposed
Greater BendigoGreater Bendigo BMO1 schedule (DOCX, 23.4 KB)
Greater Bendigo BMO2 schedule (DOCX, 24.7 KB)
Subject to council verification
Proposed BMO1 and BMO2 replace current BMO1 and BMO2 in the planning scheme
Greater GeelongGreater Geelong BMO1 schedule (DOCX, 23.4 KB)
Greater Geelong BMO2 schedule (DOCX, 23.4 KB)
Subject to council verification
Greater SheppartonGreater Shepparton BMO1 schedule (DOCX, 23.5 KB)Subject to council verification
HepburnHepburn BMO1 schedule (DOCX, 23.4 KB)
Hepburn BMO2 schedule (DOCX, 23.4 KB)
Hindmarsh-None proposed
Horsham-None proposed
Hume-None proposed

Indigo BMO1 schedule (DOCX, 23.4 KB)
Indigo BMO2 schedule (DOCX, 23.4 KB)

Subject to council verification
KnoxKnox BMO1 schedule (DOCX, 23.4 KB)
Knox BMO2 schedule (DOCX, 23.5 KB)
LatrobeLatrobe BMO1 schedule (DOCX, 23.4 KB)Finalised
Loddon-None proposed
Macedon RangesMacedon Ranges BMO1 schedule (DOCX, 23.5 KB)
Macedon Ranges BMO2 schedule (DOCX, 23.5 KB)
Subject to council verification
ManninghamManningham BMO1 schedule (DOCX, 23.5 KB)
Manningham BMO2 schedule (DOCX, 23.5 KB)
Subject to council verification

Mansfield BMO1 schedule (DOCX, 23.3 KB)
Mansfield BMO2 schedule (DOCX, 23.3 KB)

Maroondah-None proposed
MeltonMelton BMO1 schedule (DOCX, 23.5 KB)Finalised
Mildura-None proposed
MitchellMitchell BMO1 schedule (DOCX, 24.8 KB)
Mitchell BMO2 schedule (DOCX, 23.5 KB)
MoiraMoira BMO1 schedule (DOCX, 23.5 KB)Finalised
Moorabool-None proposed
Mornington PeninsulaMornington Peninsula BMO1 schedule (DOCX, 23.5 KB)
Mornington Peninsula BMO2 schedule (DOCX, 23.5 KB)
Subject to council verification
Proposed BMO1 replaces current BMO1 in the planning scheme
Mount AlexanderMount Alexander BMO1 schedule (DOCX, 23.5 KB)Subject to council verification
Moyne-None proposed
MurrindindiMurrindindi BMO1 schedule (DOCX, 23.5 KB)
Murrindindi BMO2 schedule (DOCX, 23.5 KB)
NillumbikNillumbik BMO1 schedule (DOCX, 23.5 KB)Subject to council verification
Northern GrampiansNorthern Grampians BMO1 schedule (DOCX, 23.5 KB)Finalised
PyreneesPyrenees BMO1 schedule (DOCX, 23.5 KB)Finalised
QueenscliffeQueenscliffe BMO1 schedule (DOCX, 23.6 KB)
Queenscliffe BMO2 schedule (DOCX, 23.6 KB)
South GippslandSouth Gippsland BMO1 schedule (DOCX, 23.6 KB)
South Gippsland BMO2 schedule (DOCX, 23.6 KB)
Subject to council verification
Proposed BMO1 and BMO2 replace current BMO1 and BMO2 in the planning scheme
Southern GrampiansSouthern Grampians BMO1 schedule (DOCX, 23.6 KB)Subject to council verification
StrathbogieStrathbogie BMO1 schedule (DOCX, 23.5 KB)Finalised
Surf CoastSurf Coast BMO1 schedule (DOCX, 23.7 KB)
Surf Coast BMO2 schedule (DOCX, 23.6 KB)
Subject to council verification
Swan HIll-None proposed

Towong BMO1 schedule (DOCX, 23.6 KB)
Towong BMO2 schedule (DOCX, 23.6 KB)
Towong BMO3 schedule (DOCX, 23.6 KB)


Wangaratta BMO1 schedule (DOCX, 23.6 KB)
Wangaratta BMO2 schedule (DOCX, 23.6 KB)

WarrnamboolWarrnambool BMO1 schedule (DOCX, 23.6 KB) Finalised

Wellington BMO2 schedule (DOCX, 23.6 KB)
Wellington BMO3 schedule (DOCX, 23.7 KB)

Proposed BMO2 and BMO3 replace current BMO2 and BMO3 in the planning scheme
West Wimmera-None proposed
WhitehorseWhitehorse BMO1 schedule (DOCX, 23.2 KB)Subject to MFB verification
WhittleseaWhittlesea BMO1 schedule (DOCX, 23.6 KB)Subject to council verification

Wodonga BMO1 schedule (DOCX, 23.6 KB)
Wodonga BMO2 schedule (DOCX, 23.6 KB)

Yarra Ranges

Yarra Ranges BMO1 schedule (DOCX, 23.6 KB)
Yarra Ranges BMO2 schedule (DOCX, 23.7 KB)

Yarriambiack-None proposed

Public information tailored to the local community’s needs

The objective of public information for the Bushfire Management Overlay (BMO) mapping update is to inform community members that they are located in an area with the potential to be affected by extreme bushfire behaviour.

Tailored information developed with local councils will more effectively inform the community about bushfire hazard and risk.  Local involvement is essential for successful communication, and DELWP planning staff are working with councils to tailor public notice to local conditions and needs.

Accessible, clear and understandable information

The public must have access to traditional and online resources that clearly identify the extent to which their land is within an area with the potential to be affected by extreme bushfire behaviour.

Other communication tools can then outline what inclusion in the BMO means for them.

Once the maps are introduced, to find out if land is in the BMO, the public can check Planning Maps Online, obtain a Planning Property Report, ask their local council, or contact DELWP’s planning enquiries line on 1300 366 356.

A communications strategy has been developed by DELWP and the Country Fire Authority (CFA). The communication tools below have been drawn from this strategy and are intended for release as part of the implementation process.

Material can be tailored to the needs of individual councils prior to the public release, if required. Please note that any changes to the communication tools documents must be cross checked with DELWP Planning Systems to ensure consistency is maintained.

DELWP encourages each council to review these tools, and to determine an appropriate local strategy for distributing the materials once the updated mapping is introduced.

Please contact DELWP Planning Systems to discuss council's preferred notification strategy and financial support, if required.

Councils are encouraged to coordinate public notification strategies with DELWP for release in August 2017.

Other communication material is progressively being developed with councils and will be shared via this website.

DELWP held BMO training workshops in March - April 2017.

These sessions provided council officers with a strategic overview of bushfire policy and the requirements of the BMO. It also helped officers understand the statutory implications at a local level.

These workshop were held subject to demand. If your council was not involved in a workshop and would now like one to be held, please view the document below and contact

Funding remains available to assist local government implement the updated mapping. The communication tools will provide some assistance. DELWP acknowledges that further financial assistance may be required in certain regions.

A number of councils have requested funding for tailored information and targeted community engagement sessions. If you would like to consider similar opportunities please contact to discuss options.

Locally based public information initiatives across Victoria

Public information initiativeBrief descriptionMunicipalities
Community Engagement Officer

Community Engagement Officer

Number of drop-in sessions

Produce information material

Colac Otway Shire
Mail out to affected properties350 properties to receive letterMelton
Broadscale notification Communication material and supportGreater Bendigo
Broadscale notification Communication material and supportYarra Ranges

More details:

The building system has a bi-annual Bushfire Prone Area review process led by DELWP.

DELWP is proposing to extend this bushfire hazard review process to allow regular future BMO updates.

This strategy will align the planning and building systems response to bushfire, and ensure that bushfire hazards are effectively monitored in both the planning and building system.

The first BMO review is expected to be underway immediately after gazettal of Amendment GC13 2017.

Pre-lodgement meeting with council officers

The request to remove land from the Bushfire Management Overlay should be discussed with council officers prior to submitting the request to DELWP.

A pre-lodgement meeting with council officers ensures that a prospective request undergoes some quality control, and applicants are given general advice.

Requests that have no prospect of success can be identified early. Conversely requests can be fast-tracked if local knowledge has identified that the bushfire hazard has been permanently removed. Council officers will be supported by DELWP officers as required.

DELWP is committed to providing ongoing advice and support, and is providing access to training for council and DELWP officers.

Draft web page below

The web page and request form below will be made available to the public when the updated maps are gazetted. The intent is that the web page and form are simple and clear, and further guidance or reference to other material is not needed in most cases.

We welcome any suggestions on improvements to the web page and form prior to their release.

Requesting removal of the Bushfire Management Overlay from a property

Bushfire Management Overlay mapping is reviewed regularly on an ongoing basis. The Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning (DELWP) has committed to working with local councils, emergency services and other key stakeholders to ensure the mapping is as accurate and up-to-date as possible.

To find out if land is in a Bushfire Management Overlay, you can check on Planning Maps Online, the Planning Property Report or through enquiries with your local council or the department's planning enquiries line at 1300 366 356.

Who can make a request?

A request to remove the Bushfire Management Overlay from land can be made at any time by the property owner or local government.

Criteria for assessing the request

A request to remove the Bushfire Management Overlay will be assessed against the mapping criteria set out in Planning Advisory Note 46: Bushfire Management Overlay Mapping Methodology and Criteria (PDF, 157.1 KB) or  (DOC, 150.5 KB)

BMO CriteriaDetail
Criteria 1 - Vegetation type and size
  • Forest, woodland, scrub, shrubland, mallee and rainforest vegetation that is 4 ha or more in size.
Criteria 2 - Ember buffer
  • A 150m buffer is applied from the edge of vegetation identified in Criteria 1.
  • This buffer ensures buildings are protected from ember attack from surrounding vegetation.
Criteria 3 - Extreme risk inclusions
  • Area that fire authorities have advised may be subject to extreme landscape bushfires.
  • Factors such as slope, bushfire history and poor access may warrant inclusion.

Making a request

A request to remove the Bushfire Management Overlay should first be discussed with your council who may consult with the CFA and DELWP.

The form below should be used to ensure all relevant information is supplied (including property address and photographic evidence showing the vegetation is no longer present)

There is no fee for lodging a request to review the mapping.

Pre-lodgement discussions with council officers

A request to remove the BMO should be discussed with your local council before you lodge a formal request. Your council will give you general advice and may also consult with the CFA and DELWP.

Providing the contact details of the relevant council officer with your request will streamline the process. It will allow DELWP officers to discuss your application directly with the council in a timely manner.

If the council supports your request this can be added as a note or an attachment. This isn’t mandatory. A landowner can still submit a request without council support however DELWP officers will consult with council.

Assessment of a request

The request should be sent to DELWP for assessment (which is done in consultation with fire and emergency agencies). The request can be submitted by council or the landowner directly to DELWP by emailing

Requests will be assessed by DELWP in consultation with fire and emergency services and councils.

Amending the planning scheme map

Requests for review that are approved by DELWP will be consolidated into a single planning scheme amendment for a number of planning schemes.

Regular amendments at six monthly intervals will be prepared by DELWP to update the Bushfire Management Overlay at no cost to local government or the public.

The first BMO mapping review is expected to be underway following gazettal of Amendment GC13 in 2017.