State planning policy

A State Planning Policy for Bushfire has been included in every planning scheme in Victoria.

The policy aims to to strengthen community resilience to bushfire through the planning system by:

  • providing a framework for hazard identification and risk assessments in the planning system
  • making sure that bushfire considerations are taken into account in strategic settlement planning
  • providing direction to planning authorities for implementing bushfire matters in a planning scheme
  • providing development control strategies for areas affected by the bushfire hazard.
  • For more information about the State Planning Policy for Bushfire refer to Advisory Note 40 or Clause 13.05 (PDF - 44KB) of the Victoria Planning Provisions.

Local planning policy

Local planning is an important part of bushfire protection.

Planning authorities can draw on a range of information to support local planning for bushfire protection. This includes:

  • the Regional Bushfire Planning Assessment 2012 which provides a high-level analysis of bushfire hazard
  • considering where the Bushfire Management Overlay (BMO) is applied and the relationship to other planning scheme provisions
  • the outcomes of other strategic work that has considered bushfire matters
  • the municipal fire prevention plan
  • an analysis of the landscapes and key physical features of the municipality.

A review of bushfire protection requirements must be included in the regular reviews of local planning schemes that planning authorities are required to undertake. Bushfire matters must also be considered as part of strategic planning projects where there may be a bushfire hazard.

Bushfire protection measures may sometimes be included in the Municipal Strategic Statement, a Local Planning Policy or as a schedule to the Bushfire Management Overlay in a local planning scheme.

More information about local planning for bushfire protection is available in Practice Note 64.

Private bushfire shelters and community fire refuges

Planning permit exemptions apply to community fire refuges and private bushfire shelters.