Houses are built in a variety of places including bush blocks, large farms, small settlements, and larger townships.  

The BMO consistently maps extreme bushfire hazard however the bushfire planning controls and application requirements for single dwellings do respond to these different locations.

The BMO includes streamlined planning permit application processes for single dwellings and extensions.

The Bushfire Management Overlay includes some exemptions from the need to obtain a planning permit. The most common exemption includes:

  • An alteration or extension to an existing dwelling that is less than 50 per cent of the gross floor area of the dwelling.

You should check with your council as other planning controls may apply.

Smart bushfire protection measures for single dwellings have been preset in some townships and localities for a simpler and faster application process.

Using preset bushfire protection measures reduces application requirements and makes obtaining a planning permit application more straightforward.

The bushfire protection measures include:

  • A specified Bushfire Attack Level (BAL) to which the new dwelling must be constructed.
  • Defendable space requirements including tree canopy separation (clearance around the dwelling).
  • Water supply details.
  • Access requirements for firefighters.

Applicants will not need to obtain individual Bushfire Attack Level (BAL) assessments or prepare a bushfire management statement. These applications will not need to be referred to the CFA and can be processed faster.

A Bushfire Management Plan is sufficient documentation to meet the requirements of the BMO schedule.  

Guides and Templates to assist applicants

Smarter Bushfire Protection Measures for Single Dwellings in a Bushfire Management Overlay Schedule  - a step by step guide for applicants and council officers on preparing an application that includes the bushfire protection measures for a single dwelling in a Bushfire Management Overlay schedule.  

Single dwellings in specified urban zones have access to a streamlined process for preparing and assessing a planning application.

The specified urban zones are:

  • Neighbourhood Residential Zone
  • General Residential Zone
  • Residential Growth Zone
  • Urban Growth Zone
  • Low Density Residential Zone
  • Township Zone
  • Rural Living Zone.

The streamlined process includes simple application requirements and specified bushfire protection measures that must be met.

Application requirements

A planning application for a single dwelling in an urban zone must provide:

  • Bushfire hazard site assessment
  • Bushfire management statement
  • Bushfire management plan

These three documents can be included in one document using the template provided below.

No landscape hazard assessment is required.

Bushfire protection measures

The application must meet all the approved bushfire protection measures for:

  • Siting
  • Defendable space
  • Building construction
  • Water supply
  • Access

The Bushfire Management Statement and Bushfire Management Plan must show the approved bushfire protection measures and that the measures have been met.

The template provided below sets out in detail the approved bushfire protection measures and can assist preparation of the documentation to lodge an application.

Guides and Templates to assist applicants

Technical Guide: Planning Permit Applications in the Bushfire Management Overlay (PDF, 2.0 MB) or (DOC, 7.1 MB)

Bushfire Hazard Assessment and Bushfire Management Statement – Pathway 1 Template: Bushfire Management Overlay schedule (DOCX, 42.2 KB)

Single dwellings outside BMO scheduled areas or urban zones are assessed through the regular BMO application process.

Outline of regular BMO application process

Single dwellings that do not meet the specified requirements in BMO schedule areas or urban zones are assessed through the regular BMO application process (Pathway2)

Outline of regular BMO application process