The Victorian Cladding Taskforce will:

  • Assess the extent of non-compliant external cladding on Victorian buildings
  • Advise on the rectification of non-compliant external cladding
  • Recommend changes to the regulatory system.

The Taskforce will also strengthen the Government’s ability to detect and address non-compliant cladding and provide safeguards so buildings adhere to construction and fire safety laws, making them safe to occupy.

Latest news

Taskforce report from the Co-Chairs

16 July 2019

The Co-chairs of the Taskforce have released a report detailing progress on their recommendations since the Update Report was released last October, as well as 37 further recommendations for continuing building system reform:

The Victorian Government is supporting owners to fix buildings with combustible cladding in Victoria, providing certainty for owners and ensuring the safety of occupants through Cladding Safety Victoria. Cladding Safety Victoria is assisting owners to rectify hundreds of buildings identified as requiring rectification through the State-wide Cladding Audit.

More information is available at Cladding Safety Victoria

Taskforce update

15 October 2018

The Co-chairs of the Taskforce have released an update detailing progress on their recommendations since the Interim Report was released last December, including progress on the state wide and government audits.

Helping remove dangerous cladding

26 July 2018

New reforms have been introduced to reduce the cost of removing dangerous combustible cladding with changes to the Local Government Act that will create Cladding Rectification Agreements (CRA). CRAs will be similar to existing Environmental Upgrade Agreements, which enable owners to upgrade their homes to make them more environmentally friendly and pay it off via their council rates.

Minister’s Guideline and Building Product Safety Alert

13 March 2018

The Minister for Planning has issued a guideline to reduce the risks to life and property arising from the inappropriate use of cladding products in external wall systems in multi-storey buildings in Victoria.

The guideline is accompanied by a Building Product Safety Alert, warning building practitioners about the potential fire risks associated with the non-compliant use of Aluminium Composite Panels (ACP) with a PE above 30% and rendered expanded polystyrene (EPS) products when used as external wall cladding.

Audit Update

13 January 2018

Following on from the Interim Report of the Victorian Cladding Taskforce, the Victorian Building Authority is leading a state-wide audit of:

  • apartment complexes, motels and hotels (three storeys and above)
  • buildings where Victorians gather as a large group, such as sporting arenas, and
  • schools, private hospitals or aged-care facilities (two storeys and above).

For information about the Victorian Cladding Audit, including recommended fire safety actions for residents and owners’ corporations, visit the Victorian Building Authority's website.

Taskforce Interim Report

1 December 2017

The Co-chairs of the Taskforce have released their Interim Report detailing key findings and recommendations.

For information about Victoria's public hospital buildings refer to the Department of Health and Human Services website:

Fire Safety Actions Advisory Note

28 September 2017

The Taskforce is currently preparing an audit methodology and rectification strategy for the non-compliant use of cladding on Victorian buildings, which may represent a risk to the public

Due to the scale and complexity of the work, it may take considerable time before a robust, consistent method of identifying cladding and assessing risks with a view to rectification or additional safety measures, can be put in place.

We understand that there is significant community concern about potentially unsafe cladding and we want to ensure there is clear guidance for residents, owners, owners’ corporations and building managers.

Building Inspection Pilot Program

16 August 2017

The Victorian Cladding Taskforce today announced the start of a pilot visual building inspection program which will help determine the extent of aluminium cladding in Victorian buildings.

Taskforce members

The Victorian Cladding Taskforce is chaired by former Premier and architect Ted Baillieu, and former Deputy Premier and Minister for Planning Professor John Thwaites. Its members include senior representatives from Victorian Government departments and key agencies.

The Hon Ted Baillieu Co-chair Victorian Cladding Taskforce
Prof the Hon John Thwaites Co-chair Victorian Cladding Taskforce
Mr John Bradley Secretary Department of Environment, Land, Water & Planning
Mr David Webster Deputy Secretary, Commercial Department of Treasury and Finance
Mr Adam Dalrymple Assistant Chief Fire Officer Metropolitan Fire Brigade
Dr Owen Donald Chief Commissioner Victorian Building Authority
Ms Kerry Thompson Chief Executive Officer Municipal Association of Victoria
Mr John Merritt Special Advisor Minister for Planning

Next steps

The Victorian Cladding Taskforce is overseeing a comprehensive audit of Victorian buildings to identify instances of inappropriate cladding that pose an unacceptable risk to human life.

In conjunction with other agencies, it will develop a process for the prompt rectification of non-compliant cladding issues.

The Taskforce has provided interim recommendations on immediate issues, and an outline and timetable for further work to the Minister for Planning in October 2017.

This will inform the further program of work the Taskforce will undertake.

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