Non-conforming building products and materials are those that do not meet the required standards for the use for which they are intended.

Building Minister’s Forum

In July 2015, the Building Ministers' Forum discussed issues relating to the health and safety risks of non-conforming building products and materials within the building and construction supply chain and the non-compliant use of building products, and agreed to a number of actions to address these issues.

Risk management strategy report

This included the establishment of a Senior Officers Group to report to Ministers on strategies to minimise the risks to consumers, businesses and the community associated with the failure of building products to conform to relevant laws and regulations, and at the point of import.

The Senior Officers Group is comprised of two senior officers from each State and Territory as well as the Commonwealth. The Queensland Department of Housing and Public Works is the secretariat for the Senior Officers Group.

The Senior Officers Group undertook investigations, including discussions with industry and prepared a report outlining a series of proposals for consideration by Ministers at the 19 February 2016 meeting of the Building Ministers Forum. Ministers agreed to release the report for further stakeholder consultation.

View the report: Strategies to address risks related to non-conforming building products report

As the secretariat to the Senior Officers Group, the Queensland Department of Housing and Public Works has coordinated feedback on the agreed strategies to address non-conforming building products outlined in the report.

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