Amendment C091

Yarra Planning Scheme

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Minister for Planning

Level 16 8 Nicholson Street East Melbourne VIC 3002 Australia

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Please Note: Proposal description below describes the amendment. To verify content of the final approved amendment see the Explanatory Report.

Makes the Minister for Planning the responsible authority for the administration and enforcement of the Yarra Planning Scheme for land shown on the Extent of Proposed Site on the Civil Siteworks Site Locality Plan reference 104140/C/45 issue P5 prepared by Grogan Richards Consulting Engineers dated, 1 April 2005, which is generally north of 572-576 Swan Street, Burnley (Botanicca Corporate Park) and extending approximately 250 metres west and 150 metres east of Central Drive and in part extending to the northern kerb of Yarra Boulevard by inserting this land in the Schedule to Clauses 61.01 to 61.04. Rezones part of Crown Allotments 2251 and 2252 from the Public Park and Recreation Zone to Road Zone 1. Rezones land parcels known as Road R1 and Road R2 from the Business 2 Zone to Road Zone 1. Amends the schedule to Clause 52.03 to allow the development of a new road and tram super stops on the land. Includes the Swan Street Works, Burnley, June 2005 as an Incorporated Document in the Yarra Planning Scheme.

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