Amendment C043

Wodonga Planning Scheme

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Wodonga City Council

104 Hovell Street Wodonga VIC 3690 Australia

Tel: (02) 6022 9300


Please Note: Proposal description below describes the amendment. To verify content of the final approved amendment see the Explanatory Report.

Rezones 21.4 hectares of undeveloped land from a Low Density Residential Zone to a Residential 1 Zone and amends the schedule to the Design and Development Overlay. The changes to the overlay apply more specific guidance to the future development of land and within specific precincts of the land affected by the overlay controls. The amendment also undertakes a number of corrections to the zones and overlays in the general area around the base of Huon Hill to ensure that zone and overlay boundaries appropriately correspond with title boundaries. The specific changes proposed in the amendment are listed below: The zone boundary between the Environmental Rural zone and the Residential 1 Zone is corrected to ensure the zone boundary is the same as the property boundary in private ownership The zone boundary between the Road Zone 1 and Residential 1 Zone is corrected to ensure the sections of land no longer required by Vicroads for the Bandiana Link Road are available for residential development| Land acquired by North East Water for the extension of the water purification plant is to be rezoned from Residential 1 Zone to Public Use Zone 1. The Design and Development Overlay and Environmental Significance Overlay 2 are amended to ensure they correspond with property boundaries with the Design and Development Overlay relating to land zoned Residential 1 and the Environmental Significance Overlay 2 applying to land zoned Environmental Rural| The Public Acquisition overlay is removed from land on Huon Hill and adjoining Wodonga Creek as the land is now in Council ownership.

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