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Wodonga Planning Scheme

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Wodonga City Council

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Please Note: Proposal description below describes the amendment. To verify content of the final approved amendment see the Explanatory Report.

Applies to land generally located at North Leneva with frontages to Beechworth Road Streets Road Baranduda Boulevard and Martins Road. The specific changes proposes in the amendment are listed below: The Wodonga Municipal Strategic Statement is proposed to be changed to include reference to the North Leneva Structure Plan outlining the objectives to be achieved for future urban development Approximately 8 hectares of land located on the northern side of the intersection of Baranduda Boulevard and Beechworth Road is to be rezoned from a Rural Zone to a Business 2 Zone to facilitate the development of the North Leneva Village Precinct. This precinct will form the main convenience shopping and community services area for the new suburb of North Leneva Approximately 50 hectares of land surrounding the Proposed Business 2 Zone on the northern side of Baranduda Boulevard and Beechworth Road is to be rezoned from a Rural Zone to a Residential 2 Zone. This zone is intended to support higher residential living opportunities around the North Leneva Village Precinct Approximately 130 hectares of land is to be rezoned from a Rural Zone Environmental Rural Zone and Rural Living Zone to a Residential 1 Zone generally surrounding the proposed Residential 2 Zone. This land is intended to cater for conventional residential subdivisions In line with the Councils strategy for Low Density Residential and Rural Living development land a further 20 hectares of land north of Drapers Road and west of Beechworth Road is to be rezoned from a Rural Zone and Environmental Rural Zone to a Rural Living Zone. To support the proposed zones and to ensure the structure plan for North Leneva is implemented a number of planning scheme overlay controls are proposed as follows: A Development Plan Overlay is applied to all land being zoned residential and Business 2 to ensure the requirements of the North Leneva Structure Plan are implemented. This will ensure the placement of roads streets parkland and major facilities is located in accordance with the structure plan A Design and Development Overlay (DDO) is applied to the Business 2 Zone affecting the proposed North Leneva Village Centre. The design and Development Overlay implements urban design guidelines specific to the village centre that aim at providing the centre with a distinctive character and a blend of commercial and residential development opportunities A Public Acquisition Overlay is applied to both a proposed public primary school site located adjacent the proposed village centre and over what will be the major recreation space for the North Leneva area

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