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Whittlesea Planning Scheme

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Whittlesea City Council

Civic Centre Office 25 Ferres Boulevard South Morang VIC 3752 Australia

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Please Note: Proposal description below describes the amendment. To verify content of the final approved amendment see the Explanatory Report.

Authorisation No. A0270 The amendment applies to part of the land comprising the Epping North urban growth area in Epping and Wollert. The land is bounded by Craigieburn Road East to the north the Epping North and Epping North East Local Structure Plan areas to the east OHerns Road to the south and the Hume Freeway (Craigieburn Bypass) to the west. The land is further described as Aurora and comprises approximately 592 hectares. The land affected by the amendment is entirely within the Urban Growth Boundary. The amendment proposes to make the following changes to the zone overlay and ordinance provisions of the Whittlesea Planning Scheme: Amend the planning scheme zoning maps to rezone the land from Rural Zone to Comprehensive Development Zone. Incorporate a new Comprehensive Development Plan to be known as the Aurora Comprehensive Development Plan (ACDP) within the schedule of incorporated documents at Clause 81. Introduce a new schedule (Schedule 4) to the Comprehensive Development Zone at Clause 37.02 which sets out particular provisions for the use and the development of land and other planning requirements. Introduce a Development Plan Overlay over the land to be rezoned. A new schedule to this Overlay (Schedule 23) to be inserted at Clause 43.04 requires that a development plan be prepared to coordinate development and infrastructure provision across different land parcels. The schedule also sets out specific requirements that must be addressed prior to a planning application to subdivide use or develop land. A development plan which addresses the requirements of the schedule has been prepared by VicUrban and is referred to further in this report. Amend Schedule 2 to the Vegetation Protection Overlay (Clause 42.02) and extend the overlay to include 405 Craigieburn Road Wollert consistent with other land within the Urban Growth Boundary. Introduce a new Road Closure Overlay (Clause 45.05) from the Victorian Planning provisions. The Overlay will be applied to that part of Vearings Road (an unused road) which is to be closed as part of this amendment Amend the schedule to Clause 52.02 (Easements Restrictions and Reserves) to specify requirements under section 36 the Subdivision Act 1988 relating to the creation of easements. Amend the Municipal Strategic Statement at Clause 21.02 21.04 21.05 and 21.06 to make minor changes to reflect the outcomes of the amendment.

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