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Warrnambool City Council

Warrnambool Civic Centre 25 Liebig Street Warrnambool VIC 3280 Australia

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Please Note: Proposal description below describes the amendment. To verify content of the final approved amendment see the Explanatory Report.

Authorisation No A1130 Rezones all land within the North Dennington Structure Plan Area (except the St John s School site at 236 Russell Street Dennington) from Farming Zone to Residential 1 Zone| Rezones all land identified as flood affected to Urban Floodway Zone| Rezones land currently identified Urban Flood Zone to Residential 1 Zone to reflect updated flood data| Applies Land Subject to Inundation Overlay Schedule 1 to land identified as subject to inundation| Applies Design and Development Overlay to all land to be rezoned Residential| Applies Development Plan Overlay Schedule 8 to all land to be rezoned Residential to ensure that the resulting subdivision accords with the North Dennington Structure Plan| Applies Developer Contributions Plan Overlay to all of the subject land including Dennington Rise| Applies Public Acquisition Overlay over land identified for acquisition| Applies Environmental Audit Overlay over land identified on the attached plan| Amends the schedule to Clause 52.01| Updates the Municipal Strategic Statement to reflect North Dennington Structure Plan| References the North Dennington Structure Plan within the scheme.

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