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Stonnington Planning Scheme

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Stonnington City Council

Stonnington City Centre 311 Glenferrie Road Malvern VIC 3144 Australia

Tel: (03) 8290 1333


Please Note: Proposal description below describes the amendment. To verify content of the final approved amendment see the Explanatory Report.

For the properties in group 1 redesignates the individual heritage sites listed from interim protection status to permanent protection in the Schedule to the Heritage Overlay and inserts more precise wording into the description in the Schedule to the Heritage Overlay. The properties are 19 Alleyne Avenue Armadale 3 Forster Avenue Malvern East 9 Forster Avenue Malvern East 333 Glenferrie Road Malvern 6 Glyndebourne Avenue Toorak 8 Glyndebourne Avenue Toorak hotel at 82 High Street Windsor 104 Kooyong Road Armadale gates and gateway only at 176 Kooyong Road Toorak 1089 Malvern Road Toorak hotel at 1117-1119 Malvern Road Toorak 6 Mayfield Avenue Malvern Rosehill chapel at 19 Mayfield Avenue Malvern 8 Monaro Road Malvern 19 Pine Grove Malvern 48 54 86 88 and 92 Stanhope Street Malvern 6 Stonnington Place Toorak and 27 Wattletree Road Malvern|and For the properties in group 2 removes these individual heritage places from the Schedule to the Heritage Overlay. The properties are 3 Benson Avenue Toorak 9-11 High Street Prahran 6 Hopetoun Road Toorak 5 Stonnington Place Toorak and 22 Stonnington Place Toorak. Reduce the extent of the mapped Heritage Overlay as it applies to 176 Kooyong Road Toorak to confine the overlay to the gates and gateway and the title land generally within 5 metres and 27 Wattletree Road Malvern to confine the mapped part of the overlay to this property and remove it from the unrelated adjoining properties at 18-20 Kooyong Road Malvern and 25B Wattletree Road.

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