Amendment C040

Mitchell Planning Scheme

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Mitchell Shire Council

113 High Street Broadford VIC 3658 Australia

Tel: (03) 5734 6200


Please Note: Proposal description below describes the amendment. To verify content of the final approved amendment see the Explanatory Report.

Makes corrective and procedural changes to the Mitchell Planning Scheme by: Correcting zone anomalies in Pyalong Tallarook Seymour Kilmore Broadford Wandong - Heathcote Junction and Bylands| Amending the Heritage Overlay 71 notation in Piper Street Kilmore| Deleting the Incorporated Plan Overlay from the State Motorcycle Sports Complex near Broadford| Applying the Environmental Audit Overlay to 56-58 First Street Broadford| Applying the Development Plan Overlay 4 to land on the Northern Highway at the southern end of Wallan| Correcting Development Plan Overlay 1 references to land in northern and southern Wallan to DPO 8 and 9 respectively| Amending Clauses 21.05 and 21.06 to make minor department name corrections| Amending Clause 22.01 to update the list of adopted studies strategies and other council documents (policy documents) that apply to the Mitchell Planning Scheme| Amending Clause 22.02 to make minor department name changes and update reference to the Septic Tank Code of Practice Publication 891 March 2003| Amending Clause 22.06 to correctly reference the Clause 22.06-3 title| Allowing outbuildings up to 100 square metres without a permit in the Low Density Residential Zone| Allowing extensions to dwellings up to 150 square metres without a permit and permit requirement for a building within specified setbacks in the Rural Living Zone| Providing for no permits for use or development on public land in accordance with a management plan in the Public Use Zone Public Park and Recreation Zone and Public Conservation and Resource Zone| Including market primary produce sales restaurant and take away food premises as uses that require permits in Schedules 2 3 and 4 to the Special Use Zone| Amending Schedules 1 (Residential 1 Zone) 2 (Low Density Residential Zone) and 7 (Rural Living Zone) to the Development Plan Overlay to provide a more detailed performance based approach to guide future layout servicing and development| Amending Schedules 4 (Wallan) 8 (Wallan Part Crown Portion A 625 Northern Highway Wallan Development Plan) and 9 (Wallan South West Development Plan) to the Development Plan Overlay to delete existing development plans in the schedules make minor department name changes and delete incorrect subdivision requirements.

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