Amendment C092latr

Latrobe Planning Scheme

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Latrobe City Council

141 Commercial Road Morwell VIC 3840 Australia

Tel: 1300 367 700


Please Note: Proposal description below describes the amendment. To verify content of the final approved amendment see the Explanatory Report.

The amendment proposes to implement the recommendations of the Latrobe Regional Airport Masterplan 2015 by: - introducing an applying Schedule 1 to the Airport Environs Overlay (AEO) and amending Schedule 2 to the AEO at Clause 45.02, - amending Schedule 7 and Schedule 8 to the Design and Development Overlay (DDO) at Clause 43.02 to align with the future alignment of the runway, - inserting and applying Schedule 10 and Schedule 11 to the DDO to ensure buildings and works do not adversely affect the future operations of the Latrobe Regional Airport, - updating the Municipal Strategic Statement at Clauses 21.04, 21.05 and 21.07 - amending Schedule 7 to the Special Use Zone at Clause 37.01, - amending the Schedule to Clause 72.03, - amending the Schedule to Clause 66.04 Referral and notice provisions, - amending the Schedule to Clause 72.08 Background documents, - amending the Schedule to Clause 72.04.1 Incorporated documents.

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