Amendment C004

Latrobe Planning Scheme

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Latrobe City Council

141 Commercial Road Morwell VIC 3840 Australia

Tel: 1300 367 700


Please Note: Proposal description below describes the amendment. To verify content of the final approved amendment see the Explanatory Report.

Rezones land on Moe Walhalla Road, being part Crown Allotments 11a, 13, 2A, part lot 2 on LP144306, lots 1 and 2 on LP94744 Parish of Tanjil, County of Buln Buln from Public Use 1 Service and Utility Zone to Rural Zone. Rezones Monash Road, Newborough from Road Zone 1 to Rural Zone, Residential 1 Zone and Mixed Use Zone. Rezones 16_18 Peterkin Street and 53 Argyle Street, Traralgon being lots 1, 2, 3 and 8 on LP16332 Parish of Traralgon, County of Buln Buln, from Business 4 Zone to Mixed Use Zone. Introduces a new Local Planning Policy. Rezones land in Shekiniah Drive, Tyers being part lot 2 on PS413258 Parish of Boola Boola, County of Buln Buln from Rural to Township Zone. Rezones part of Princes Freeway and Loy Yang Morwell Main Road (Commercial Road) Morwell being adjacent to lot 1 on PS437666, lot 1 on PS331675 and part Crown Allotment 8C Parish of Maryvale, County of Buln Buln, from Road Zone 1 to Industrial 1 Zone and Special Use Zone 1. Renames part of Argyle Street in Traralgon to Post Office Place. Includes the Gaming Charter as a reference document in Clause 21.04_6 of the MSS. Rezones the former Newborough East Primary School site in Childers Street, Newborough being lot 15 on LP54858, Parish of Narracan, County of Buln Buln, from Public Use Zone_Education to Residential 1 Zone. Rezones the former Lowanna Secondary College (Yallourn Campus) in John Field Drive, Newborough being Crown Allotment 4R from Public Use Zone 2 Education to Residential 1 Zone. Realigns zones boundary in Churchill affecting land at lot A, B and C on PS402920Q and lot 1 on LP311274, Parish of Hazelwood, County of Buln Buln.

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