Amendment C073

Kingston Planning Scheme

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Kingston City Council

1230 Nepean Highway Cheltenham VIC 3192 Australia

Tel: 1300 653 356


Please Note: Proposal description below describes the amendment. To verify content of the final approved amendment see the Explanatory Report.

Authorisation No A508 Replace interim structure plan controls applying to the Highett Activity Centre introduced by Amendment C66 to the Planning Scheme with permanent controls. Rezone the following land from a Public Use 1 Zone and Business 3 Zone to a Residential 1 Zone: * 1136-1140 Nepean Hwy Highett * 1142 Nepean Hwy Highett * 1144-1146 Nepean Hwy Highett Rezone the following land from a Business 1 Zone to a Mixed Use Zone: * 1112 Nepean Hwy Highett * 374-376 Highett Rd Highett Rezone the following land from a Residential 1 Zone to a Mixed Use Zone: * 1104 Nepean Hwy Highett * 1106 Nepean Hwy Highett * 1108 Nepean Hwy Highett * 1 & 2/1110 Nepean Hwy Highett Rezone land east of Nepean Highway from a Residential 3 Zone to a Residnetial 1 Zone Apply an Environmental Audit Overlay to all Public Use Zone 1 and Business 3 zoned land to be rezoned to a Residential 1 Zone.

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