Amendment C039

Hepburn Planning Scheme

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Hepburn Shire Council

Cnr.Duke and Albert Streets Daylesford VIC 3460 Australia

Tel: (03) 5438 2306


Please Note: Proposal description below describes the amendment. To verify content of the final approved amendment see the Explanatory Report.

Authorisation No A530 Make minor adjustments to Heritage Overlay mapping to correct unintended results from the previous Amendment C15. The land affected by the amendment is : 37-39 Talbot Road Clunes (CA5 & 6 Sect H Parish of Clunes)| 14 Camp Street Clunes (CA43 Sec C Township of Clunes)| 23 Fraser Street Clunes (CA35C Sec D Township of Clunes)| 9 Hill Street Clunes (CA8 Sec 5 Parish of Clunes)| Part of 118 Estate Lane Smeaton (part of Lot A4 LP2612)| 39 Hill Street Daylesford (Part of Lot 1 TP229767)| 5 Duke Street Daylesford (Part of CA7 Sec 10 Township of Daylesford)| 26 Howe Street Daylesford (CA1 Sec 11 Township of Daylesford and adjoining land to west)| Part of 18 Camp Street Daylesford (Part of Lot 1 TP17400)| 94 Vincent Street Daylesford (CA10B Sec 32 Township of Daylesford)| Part of 22 High Street Trentham (Part of CA1 Sec 2 Township of Trentham)| Part of 32 High Street Trentham (Part of Lot 2 TP387685)| Part of 15 Market Sreet Trentham (Part of CA7 Sec 2 Township of Trentham)| Part of 56 High Street Trentham (Part of Lot 1 TP437234| and Part of Road Reserve Market Street Trentham (from north side of High Street intersection to southern alignment of 21 Market Street Lot 3 LP30764).

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