Amendment C025

Glen Eira Planning Scheme

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Glen Eira City Council

Corner Glen Eira and Hawthorn Roads Caulfield VIC 3162 Australia

Tel: (03) 9524 3333


Please Note: Proposal description below describes the amendment. To verify content of the final approved amendment see the Explanatory Report.

Amends the Municipal Strategic Statement (MSS) to include and actions based on the findings of the Housing and Residential Development Strategy| Introduces clause 22.07 Housing Diversity Area Policy to guide the and form of housing in different parts of the city based around shopping centres and public transport (known as housing diversity areas| Introduces clause 22.08 Minimal Change Area Policy to guide the intensity scale and form of housing in parts of the city outside the housing diversity areas (known as minimal change areas) the policy will also outline character elements which must be taken into account when considering residential development| Introduces a Schedule to the Residential 1 Zone to vary Rescode standards under Clauses 54 and 55 of the Glen Eira Planning Scheme which changes include increasing the private open space and rear setbacks and reducing the site coverage standard.

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