Amendment C030

Frankston Planning Scheme

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Please Note: Proposal description below describes the amendment. To verify content of the final approved amendment see the Explanatory Report.

Applies to approximately 35 hectares of land and sea at the base and on the seaward side of Olivers Hill Frankston South. Includes the Ministers Supplementary Assessment of the environmental effects of the proposed Olivers Hill Safe Boating Facilities and the report of the Panel appointed to consider Amendment C15 as matters that must be considered under the Decision Guidelines for the proposal| Affirms the need for physical modelling of any proposed design response as a mandatory prerequisite for approval of such a design response and as a matter that must be reported and endorsed by Council prior to the commencement of works| Specifies dredging as well as sand bypassing as a matter that must be addressed in Operations Environmental Management Plans and a matter for which costs must be borne by the operator| Adds Victorias Native Vegetation Management A Framework for Action August 2002 to the Schedule to Clause 81 (the document was inadvertently omitted with the approval of Amendment C15)| and Makes minor corrections of wording where necessary to achieve consistency and clarity. Clarifies areas of potential ambiguity in Schedule 3 to the Special Use Zone and in the Incorporated Document introduced into the Planning Scheme by the gazettal of Amendment C15 to the Frankston Planning Scheme. C Corrects an omission provides an updated reference to the Ministers Supplementary Assessment of the proposed Olivers Hill Safe Boat Harbour and makes other minor consequential corrections.

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