Amendment C003

Casey Planning Scheme

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Casey City Council

Bunjil Place Patrick Northeast Drive Narre Warren VIC 3805 Australia

Tel: (03) 9705 5200


Please Note: Proposal description below describes the amendment. To verify content of the final approved amendment see the Explanatory Report.

Affects land distributed throughout the municipality that has been identified by Melbourne Water and the City of Casey as being: Subject to natural overland flows in the event of a storm exceeding the design capacity of the underground drainage system| Liable to inundation from an open watercourse during a severe storm of 1-in-100-year intensity| Liable to tidal inundation (coastal areas only)| or Subject to poor surface drainage. Defines land affected by the Land Subject to Inundation Overlay on the relevant planning scheme maps. Introduce a the Special Building Overlay into the Planning Scheme. Amend the wording of Clause 21.10 of the Municipal Strategic Statement. Rezone land that is currently included in an Urban Floodway Zone but which is not subject to flooding to the surrounding land use zone. Amend the Schedule to Land Subject to Inundation Overlay which specifies referral exemptions and permit application requirements.

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