Amendment C156

Cardinia Planning Scheme

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Cardinia Shire Council

20 Siding Avenue Officer VIC 3809 Australia

Tel: (03) 1300 787 624


Please Note: Proposal description below describes the amendment. To verify content of the final approved amendment see the Explanatory Report.

The amendment proposes to rezone land as follows: (1) 6 Railway Avenue Beaconsfield from Business 1 Zone to Residential 1 Zone. (2) 26 Moody Street Koo Wee Rup from Public Use Zone 2 to Residential 1 Zone. (3) Rosalie Court Pakenham from Commonwealth Land (not controlled by the Cardinia Planning Scheme) to Residential 1 Zone (4) Ahern Road Pakenham from Residential 1 Zone to Public Park and Recreation Zone (5) Reserve in Blackwood Lane Gembrook from Low Density Residential Zone to Public Use Zone 5 (Cemetery/Crematorium). Make the following changes to overlays: (1) Correctly apply Heritage Overlay Schedule 82 by removing it from 445 Mt Eirene Road Gembrook and apply it to 1136 Bessie Creek Road Gembrook. (2) Remove Heritage Overlay Schedule 67 and 68 from 1215 Bunyip River Road Iona as they are duplicates to Heritage Overlay 35 which covers the land.

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